Duchesse Brisée (3 Pc Set)

3 pc set includes two chairs and footstool

A duchesse brisée is an upholstered French reclining chair designed as a daybed to fit one person. It originated during the mid 18th century as a recliner made of three separate pieces of furniture made in the Rococo style: two gondola style chairs of varying height and width with one footstool between them. The three pieces of furniture could be enjoyed separately or combined to create one large reclining chair. The duchesse brisée soon began to be made as one large reclining chair with one elevated end for the head and upper torso. Variations of the recliner continued to be made, with some having a continuous, even height throughout the bottom cushion and others with a continuous backrest, making it very similar in design to modern couches and sofas.

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